Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!
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Body movements are broad, as well interesting according to each woman’s preferences, there is no reason to be inactive during the day, instead you should be having a fresh life that is full of agility and fitness you deserve.

With no magical number specifying the sports’ time, the more you exercise the better the results will be. It is recommended that you pursue 30 minutes of activities on a regular basis day by day, to help your body fight breast cancer. Regular exercising will help your physical and mental health to be in a perfect shape, avoid obesity cases in the future, increase positive mood, likewise, it helps lower a woman’s breast cancer risk. Scientifically, all researches have shown that regular physical activities lower the percentage of developing breast cancer while aging.

Performing the proper protective actions toward your health is a very good concern which you should aim for.

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

If you have an occupied life that is full of working and family matters, we would like to suggest a few tips to get moving and fight breast cancer as much as possible:

1) Use Stairs Rather Than An Elevator
It might be hard to walk the stairs after a long time of avoidance, but it is a healthy way to start your day with.

2) Park Farther Away From Your Work Or The Store
Another short way to encourage your body moves, although choosing when to walk is important to avoid sun strikes, it is a way that is still very useful and will yield to better results over time.

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

3) Plan Active Vacations with Family and Friends
Spending lovely memories with family or friends at holidays now and then, would be magnificent to fight breast cancer, it supports you with further energy and motivation. Planning a small sport activity with family and friends will end up with laughs and a better lifestyle.
We should support our kids or grandkids to live a better lifestyle than ours as much as we can.

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

4) Increase The Number of Your Daily Steps

All mobile devices nowadays have fitness applications that count the number of your steps and encourage you to reach a reasonable number of steps on a daily basis.
You should pay attention to such applications as long as you are moving to fight breast cancer and other diseases.

5) Use The Treadmill
Many families own a treadmill, which has been used for a short time but then got neglected, a treadmill can offer you a short refreshing activity while you are watching TV or listening to some music. However, other women might hit the gym to perform a daily activity on treadmill, and that is also a good idea from a physical and a social perspective.

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

6) Walk to Communicate with Coworkers Rather Than Calling Them Over The Phone
Because simple walks can sum up a good activity at the end of the day.

7) Limit The Time You Spend Sitting
Many studies have shown that women who exercise regularly have a lower risk of breast cancer than their sedentary peers. Lack of movement increases the likelihood of developing breast cancer and some other types of cancer, as well as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
Researches consistently show that even household activities can reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer specially with a combination of leisure time activity like walking or swimming.

Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

Some exercises are better than none, and more is better than less.
No matter how old you are, it is never too late or too soon to get moving and fight breast cancer.

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Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer! Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer! Get Moving and Fight Breast Cancer!

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