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Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound is an imaging test which sends high frequency sound waves through your breast, then converts them into images on a viewing screen.

What Breast Ultrasound Screening Would Be Used for?

  • Finding the cause of breast symptoms, such as pain, swelling, or redness.
  • Checking a breast lump found on breast self-examination or physical examination.
  • Checking abnormal results from a mammogram.
  • Screening the breasts in younger women because their breast tissue is often denser, and a mammogram may not show as much detail.
  • Guiding the placement of a needle or other tube, taking a sample of breast tissue (biopsy), or guiding a breast surgery.
  • Watching for changes in the size of a cyst or a fibroadenoma.
  • Seeing how far cancer has spread in a breast.

A breast ultrasound screening may also be performed on women who should avoid radiation, for example women who are:

  • Under 25 years old
  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Holding silicone breast implants

It is always recommended to contact your physician or professional healthcare provider to assess your case and prescribe tests and recommendations accordingly.