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Breast Pain

Is a very common symptom at breast clinics.

Breast Pain Patterns

  • Cyclical Pattern:
    Exacerbation of usual premenstrual breast pain, bilateral type.
  • Noncyclical Pattern:
    This type is usually well localized, lasts ten minutes or days, it might be unilateral or bilateral, and caused by ductectaisa or due to musculoskeletal causes.
  • Trauma:
    Rarely common and its causes are unknown.
    Treatment might extend for a long period of time

Do You Feel Any Breast Pain?

Patients with Mastalgia should be thoroughly examined to make sure that there is no cause for their pain and there are no underlying diseases or hidden cancer before they are reassured.
Few patients might need medications for this problem.


It is always recommended to contact your physician or professional healthcare provider to assess your case and prescribe tests and recommendations accordingly.