Body Weight & Breast Cancer

Body Weight & Breast Cancer
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Many studies have shown that body weight can affect the risk of developing a breast cancer differently, before and after menopause.

This article discusses body weight and breast cancer relationship according to many researches and studies, as follows:
– Before menopause.
– After menopause.

Body Weight And Breast Cancer Risk Before Menopause
One of the studies has shown that women who are overweight before menopause have a lower risk of developing a breast cancer than those who are lean.

Body Weight & Breast Cancer
Although being overweight may lower breast cancer risk before menopause, weight gain should be avoided, because most breast cancers occur after menopause, as well, any weight you gain before menopause may carry into your postmenopausal years.

Body Weight And Breast Cancer Risk After Menopause
Women who are overweight after menopause have a higher breast cancer risk than those who are lean. Bear in mind that losing weight after menopause may help lower the risk of developing a breast cancer.

One large study found that the greater the weight a woman gains the greater the risk of having a breast cancer will be. While weight loss can lower the risk of getting a breast cancer in the future.

Body Weight & Breast Cancer
Shaban Breast Clinic advises you to maintain a healthy weight through following a balanced diet while performing your favorite exercising activities.



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