Why Shaban Breast Clinic?

لماذا عيادة شعبان للثدي؟
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Shaban Breast Clinic is the first and only breast clinic of its kind in Jordan and the region, that offers full-fledged services pertaining breast diseases, cosmetic breast surgery, and early detection.

Shaban Breast Clinic offers the most accurate diagnosis and treatment to effectively treat breast diseases, because breast diseases are complex and perhaps the most critical part of managing any disease is diagnosing it.

Why Shaban Breast Clinic?
From the first visit to Shaban Breast Clinic you will begin a systemized breast healthcare journey!

Why Shaban Breast Clinic?
Our specialist, Dr. Husam Shaban collaborates with his medical team and the patient to reach an agreement on the best treatment options based on preeminent long term experience along with conducting the highest medical standards.

For a long time Shaban Breast Clinic has been dedicated to offer fast and efficient diagnostic processes to help all women relieve their worries and treat their breast diseases accordingly. At Shaban Breast Clinic we focus on:

–          A comprehensive breast care.

–          Changes on the long term.

–          Regular breast checkups.

–          Continuity of care.

Why Shaban Breast Clinic?
Shaban Breast Clinic is continuously investing in new scientifically-proven technology and researches to ensure that service provided is the best as it could be.

If you are having any breast problem or you want to perform an early detection checkup book your appointment now with Shaban Breast Clinic.



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