We Must Ask: Have You Checked?

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We are asking this pivotal question because your breasts deserve attention.
That is why we are reminding you to take a deep look at your breasts, however, the most fearful womanish disease might be silent but you have the main role to feel or find it.
So all what you need is to join the fight and be a strong aware woman against breast cancer.
Women of all ages must perform the breast self examination at home every month, and visit an oncology specialist every year because Researches define that having no symptoms or history of breast cancer is not enough to be protected, scientifically, being above the age of 40 years is a need to check your breasts regularly.

We don’t want you to be a prisoner of fear or worry, but getting checked as soon as possible will really matter to your lifetime, because faster detection means that you are giving the cancer a shrinking chance to harm you.

credit: www.pinterest.com

credit: www.pinterest.com

We also don’t want you to say that you are busy besides you don’t have time to check, there is no greater love than loving yourself and your family, no greater care than your healthcare, nevertheless, you are the commander for what happened to your body all the time.


credit: www.pinterest.com

Finally, we want to clarify some life style habits and practices, first of all, healthy life means fewer visits to doctors, a better sleep, and deeper social relationships. Playing sports and eating well can really support your healthcare, however, smoking cigarettes and drinking soft drinks can simply damage your health with poisons and sugar.
And always remember that your illness does not define you, but your strength and courage do , be sure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and do regular physical sports.

Be your own lifesaver and check your breasts for a sooner proactive care.

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