The Importance of Getting a Mammogram

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The Importance of Getting a Mammogram
A mammogram is a specific type of breast exam used to aid in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. This quick medical exam uses a noninvasive X-ray targeted to each breast, producing pictures that your doctor can use to identify and treat any abnormal areas, possibly indicating the presence of breast cancer.

The Importance of Getting a Mammogram
Many studies have assured that mammography is one of the most effective screening tool used today for the early detection of breast cancer, the importance of getting a mammogram is because a mammogram can usually find lumps before a woman can feel them. As well as mammograms are recommended for women starting from the age of forty.

What you should know about mammogram?
-A mammogram requires that your upper body part be undressed.

-During the mammography, each breast will be rested on a flat surface that contains X-ray plate. The technician then uses a device called a compressor to help flatten the breast tissue in order to get good and clear images.

-While performing your mammogram you might feel uncomfortable, but you should relax, the discomfort typically subsides when the test is over.

-Finally, it is a short test that would not take a long time.

The Importance of Getting a Mammogram
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