Feeling A Lump in Your Breast?

هل تشعرين بكتلة في الثدي؟
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A breast lump is a swelling, outgrowth, or protrusion in the breast.

While both women and men have breast tissues, these tissues may respond to changes in hormone levels leading to breast lumps.

A lump in the breast for women under 40 years is basically benign, and they may come and go depending on hormone levels.

Feeling A Lump in Your Breast?
There is a large number of breast masses or lumps, as well they differ in how the cells develop and spread according to the lump’s condition.

Breast lumps signal both benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous) tumors of the breast. Here you can find What a Breast Lump Might Be?

– Related To A Normal Structure
•Normal Nodularity
•Prominent Fat Lobule
•Prominent Rib
•Intramammary Lymph Node

– Related To Aberration Of The Normal Development And Involution Of The Breast
•Cyclical Nodularity
•Stromal Fibrosis

– Inflammatory
•Chronic Infection
•Fat Necrosis

– Benign Tumors
•Duct Papilloma
•Giant Fibroadenoma
•Fibrocystic Changes

– Intermediate Tumors
•Phyllodes tumor
•Carcinoma in situ

– Malignant Tumors
•Usual breast cancer
•Other types of breast cancers

– Lesions Of The Nipple And Areola
•Retention cyst

– Lesions Of The Skin
•Sebaceous cyst
•Skin tumors

– Male Breast Conditions

Feeling A Lump in Your Breast?
Do not forget to perform your breast self-examination monthly to discover any breast lump early. You can check our breast self examination section to perform it accurately.

Feeling A Lump in Your Breast?
Shaban Breast Clinic uses the most advanced diagnostic technology along with outstanding experience to reach optimal medical results. If you are feeling a breast lump contact us.

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